Ask Database is Now Known as Yurpl

Ask Database has been an industry standard since 2002 and after much though and consideration it was time to transition into a new brand as we redesigned the code. Ask Database is a service that has been utilized to find out more about your market, create products, assist with interviews and so much more.

You will find all of the same services and more moving forward with the all new Yurpl. Yurpl stands for “Your Polls and Survey’s”. You can find out more about Yurpl at

If you have questions about Ask Database, Yurpl or anything in between Be sure to contact us via the support link at¬†we are constantly updating the site and service to continue on the 18 years we’ve served our online community. We thank you for your patronage and look forward to continuing a relationship with our current and former Ask Database Members.

Thank You The Ask Database and Yurpl Team